Thursday, March 22, 2012

What have I been up to?

I haven't been around here too much...I've been too tempted to use my blog to vent and I really don't want that.

Things around the home front are changing. I've been doing a lot of cleaning.  Rearranging.

I'm learning to deal with difficult situations.  Dealing with a forgiveness issue;  although I think I have forgiven, I'm just hurt and untrusting at this point.  But I won't talk about that.

What I will show you is what I've been up to.  In instagram of course.

Last week My niece and I decided to make "Lucky Charms" Treats.  Me being frugal used the generic version...but I feel they came out super yummy just the same.

I made a cute beanie last week.  I
have yet to take the etsy photos of it and put it up in the shop though.

I ordered large sized double pointed needles and am beefing up my knitting skills....hopefully I will have knitted items in my etsy shop for the winter.
I've been making more  crochet jewelry. As soon as I can get some decent pictures of my items they will go up in the shop.

Lastly, check out what I won! 

Had a giveaway earlier this month and I WON!  WOO HOO!

A lovely necklace featuring Beatles lyrics!  I love it!

Special thanks to Jesse Anne!    


  1. you have been so busy!!! i love the beanie -- it simply TOO CUTE!!! hugs...

  2. So, I realize I'm over 3 months late here. And I know I read this a long time ago but I didn't "look" at your page for "no reason"! God definitely orchestrated this one! I SO needed to be reminded about my "forgiveness" issues! A friend tonight said that you find the flaws in others that you hate about yourself (own flaws/faults) hmmmm, maybe I need to reexamine BEFORE some conversations I've been needing to have with a few peeps (1 for nearly a year!) but, when it involves protecting the character of my children I HAVE TO say something, right? Love you girly! Thanks for sharing, even though u didn't want to! Lunch? Soon?