Monday, January 30, 2012

The end of the month is here and I wanted to evaluate my "January 2012 Mini Goals."

At the beginning of the year I challenged myself to not make a year long resolutions, but rather shorter monthly goals to work on.

January goals were to:

1.  Get more organized

2. Try to make $100 in sales this month and set that aside for a new laptop. did I do?

I'm really been proud of myself in getting things organized for church and volunteer activities!   *yea me!*

I usually just have huge piles of  papers and know what pile holds what info...but now I have notebooks and folders holding all of my info together.

ALSO....I bought  myself a cheap $1.00 monthly calendar to keep in my purse to organize my "thoughts" and obligations.  Normally I 'try' to keep all my activities in my head but that doesn't work out too well.

As you can see...Feb is filling up nicely!

So how did I do on my second goal to try to make $100 is sales and put that aside? much as I tried...I only made a little over $50.00. I would love to tell you all that I saved it...but I can't.  I needed the money for a bill.  I am however So thankful to the LORD for allowing me the means to pay that bill.

Now onto February goals!

1.  I'd like to again try to reach $100 in sales for this month and try to set it aside for a new laptop.

2.  MY LIVING ROOM!!!!  I need a new couch (not sure how to handle this problem yet), to steam clean the carpet, and then I can have fun DECORATING!!  (I'm looking forward to this goal.)

How are y'all doing with your goals and/or resolutions?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Sunday!!

I wanted to share a  giveaways with you all just in case you missed it!

Coopy over at The Stitching Coop is giving away a BEAUTIFUL PILLOW!  The giveaway ends Feb 12 and there are lots of ways to enter!  You really should go check it out!

Love ya Coopy!!! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Giveaway Winner!!

We have a winner!!!

I used to pick a number....and the number was "3"!

Congrats to:

I want to thank each of you for making this giveaway a success!

Marilyn, I will be contacting you about your prize!!!  :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

...My journey begins....

I'm taking small steps to battling this weight.

Right now I'm waiting on two books from amazon! 

The first is Crave: Why You Binge Eat and How to Stop Cynthia M. Bulik Ph.D.

The second is Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food,  by Lysa TerKeurst.

The second book I mentioned was at the suggestion of a fellow blogger.  Thea from Collide(Thanks Girl!)  Love her blog! Y'all should go check it out. Her January 14th post was a gentle reminder for me! ;)

 What about exercise you ask?  Its not enough just to read about why you are overweight.

My friends closest to me know that I suffer from gout.  Just the word 'gout'  can send shivers  down my spine.

One of the little known problems about gout is that a flare up is always one toe bump away.  Even overworking foot and knee joints can bring on a flare up.  Not fun!

So when I choose an exercise,it has to be VERY low impact.  As much as I would love to join a gym with a pool, I cannot afford that.  So, for now, I have a dvd that I will begin to try.  I'll modify as much as I can and let you know all about it on another post.  Who knows, it may just turn into a humorous read for you.

 Oh and NOT forget the giveaway!!  click here!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Things I've been working on.

Oh if only there were more hours in the day....

Here are a few of the crafty things I've been making.

Lots of hearts

A necklace

A slouch hat with a red rose

This week looks kinda crazy too. What are you all working on?

Don't forget the giveaway!!

Click here to go there!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Designs & Giveaway!!!

I've been trying to add more pieces to my etsy shop that combine my two favorite hobbies.  Crochet and jewelry making.  That task alone is time consuming for me 'cause it takes me forever to think up a design that I just fall in love with.  Then comes the hard part....photographing it!

Am I the only one who has trouble with this?

I am so hit and miss with my photography.  I really should have payed more attention in my Photo Journalism class in high school.

Here are my latest two pieces.

::::: giveaway:::::

I'm giving away one of my NEW designs! You choose which piece you would like!

Here is how to enter:

1.  Follow this blog.  Leave a comment letting me know if you are a follower or if you are a new follower.

2. Like me on Facebook.
Leave a comment here letting me know you do.

Easy Peasy!

The giveaway will end on Wednesday January the 25th.  Winner will be chosen using, and announced Thursday January the 26th.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

::Sweet Valentines Jewelry::

When I started blogging and selling on etsy, I noticed that by the time I made a seasonal item, it was always too late to blog about it or list it on etsy.

Lesson learned.  I need to stay ahead of the seasons with my stuff.

So I'm starting early!     *yea me!* 

I'm finishing up some jewelry pieces for Valentines Day and I couldn't wait to share with all of you, my  first few completed pieces! 

What do you think?  

I've just listed them on etsy.  You can purchase the earrings alone, or the Necklace alone.  Of course, you could purchase the set.

Simple and sweet, I absolutely adore how they came out!

:::::HEADS UP:::::

Later during the week I will be having a giveaway!!!   I'm working on the items still and  can not wait to get them photographed!

You guys  be sure to check back here soon!  You do not want to miss it!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I know I need to change.

I can count about 3 times in my life where I have been a size 14. (my smallest size)  Pretty sad considering that size 14 is "fat" to most people. 

I've never been to counseling about my weight issue, but if I ever did, the first thing out of my mouth would go something a little like this.

     " I just don't understand.  Is it possible to have the polar opposite of anorexia? When I look into the mirror I sometimes do not see myself as big as I really am."

And that is the honest truth.

How the heck could I have not seen this.  One day I just kind of 'woke up' and saw myself at this size. 

I mean...I knew that I was fat. I've always known this.  I was drinking Diet Coke in Middle School when it really tasted bad.  Middle school probably marks the beginning of my lifetime battle of the bulge. 

I just didn't see myself as that fat.  You know?   Then I got bigger, and got to a point where I could barely walk to the mailbox without my back hurting or losing my breath.

My relationship with food is terrible.

I eat when I'm happy. 
I eat when I'm sad. 
I eat when I'm bored.
I eat when other people eat. 
I eat just because its there. 

Bottom line. I eat.  I eat a lot. 

Oh yea...and I don't exercise.

I knew before the New Year that I would be blogging about my struggle with my weight.  I want to blog about my struggles.  I want to blog about my successes.  i want to blog about my failures.

So here I am. 
(with my ADORABLE niece)

I'm blogging about it.  It's not fun for me to share this.  It's kind of embarrassing actually.  But I know it will change.

I know I will change.

Now to figure out where to start.....................

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Its been a while...


My computer crashed and I haven't been online since mid November.  AAACK!

I'm here now though! :)  Borrowing my mother’s computer and trying to get things listed in my etsy shop.  Catching up on my blog reading.  Oh yeah...and doing a little job hunting.

It's the new year and I decided to make a slight variation on the "New Year's Resolutions."  Instead of making some huge outrageous resolutions for the year....I am setting a few goals for myself each month.

January goals:  
                      1- Become a little more organized.  Truthfully I need to get a wholelotta organized, but these are just baby steps here.  I dont want to get crazy or anything.

                      2- Try to make $100.00 in sales and set that money aside to start a new computer fund. Again, baby steps.

So this week, I started organizing the crafty things that were scattered in the garage.  I haven't touched the crafty mess in the bedroom yet....or in the laundry room.  :/

While I was cleaning I discovered I have WAY too many beanies sitting around.  So, throughout the month I will be posting them on my facebook page and etsy shop.  They are all sizes and styles, and will be listed are really great prices.  Keep an eye out for them you may find something you need!

These 3 infant and toddler beanies were just listed.
This adult beanie will go up on etsy tomnorrow.

Did any of you make resolutions?