Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Its been a while...


My computer crashed and I haven't been online since mid November.  AAACK!

I'm here now though! :)  Borrowing my mother’s computer and trying to get things listed in my etsy shop.  Catching up on my blog reading.  Oh yeah...and doing a little job hunting.

It's the new year and I decided to make a slight variation on the "New Year's Resolutions."  Instead of making some huge outrageous resolutions for the year....I am setting a few goals for myself each month.

January goals:  
                      1- Become a little more organized.  Truthfully I need to get a wholelotta organized, but these are just baby steps here.  I dont want to get crazy or anything.

                      2- Try to make $100.00 in sales and set that money aside to start a new computer fund. Again, baby steps.

So this week, I started organizing the crafty things that were scattered in the garage.  I haven't touched the crafty mess in the bedroom yet....or in the laundry room.  :/

While I was cleaning I discovered I have WAY too many beanies sitting around.  So, throughout the month I will be posting them on my facebook page and etsy shop.  They are all sizes and styles, and will be listed are really great prices.  Keep an eye out for them you may find something you need!

These 3 infant and toddler beanies were just listed.
This adult beanie will go up on etsy tomnorrow.

Did any of you make resolutions?

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