Monday, September 26, 2011


The past few years have been hard.
I have not had a job.

Financially, I make just enough to pay the $37 monthly insurance on my 10 year old car, get a little gas, pay a miniscule portion of the utility bills,  and enjoy a *very* occasional outing with family and friends.
I'm not going to lie though, I wish I had more.

I miss my $165 haircuts from Toni & Guy.
I miss my MAC makeup.
I miss my acrylic nails.
I miss having new clothes.
I miss going to the movies.
I miss filling up the gas tank.
I miss filling up the basket at the grocery store.

I miss........ (you get the idea)
I am grateful though.

Grateful for family and friends.  Grateful for His provision.

Grateful that I have "just enough."



  1. I'm sure you realize just how much you've sacrifices to take care of things with family and friends. I know how much YOU have sacrificed. I completely understand where you are coming from. I can only answer for myself when I say, when I have the resources, I share and attempt my best to treat you. I know you do not expect not do I feel obligated in the least, it comes down to I WANT TO! You are involuntarily caring for me and Carlos's furkids, you think of us when taking frozen meats out, cleaning up after everyone - and definitely SO MUCH MORE!! From my end you are definitely APPRECIATED!! I love you lots girly!! And I know God is taking care of you ! Keep your faith strong!! Besides it's not like I can enjoy Hearthstone with carlos!! Too healthy. Nor Starbucks ... No diet cokes!! LOL

  2. I can so relate. Coming home to be home with our kiddos has meant scaling back. I miss being able to get gas and groceries when I think we need them, not when our bank account says we can get them! And yet God has been good, and so faithful. Love your writing! Thanks for your encouragement over at my blog--glad to have found yours!

  3. The thing I love about you friend is that when you have a lot you share a lot and when you only have a little you STILL share a lot . Thanks for being so generous! I have lost count of the hundreds of times you have come to my rescue. Like the time I was super sick unable to get out of bed and you came over with groceries. I knew you didn’t have money but you still spent the little money you had on my favorites, rotel, chips, campbells, apple sauce and mountain dew. If it wasn’t for you I would have starved. If it wasn’t for you coming over and doing my laundry I would have been all dirty and smelly, if it wasn’t for you helping me get to the bathroom well you know…haha! Thanks for being awesome! I pray God blesses you a hundred fold!

  4. @ thea ty for you compliment. )

  5. @mara :) you always make me smile. ty!

  6. Love this :))) Loving your blog... I'm perfectly all smiles to be following ya ;)) Great creativity ;))

  7. Great verse from Philippians! I know what you mean - I gave up work to stay at home with the kids, partly due to health but also through choice. A huge financial sacrifice for us and we struggle but I am glad I done it. HOWEVER, I miss my hairdresser trips, my Clinique skincare, being able to treat myself to clothes and new shoes etc etc, it is just one big learning curve isn't it?

  8. Ty Marilyn! I appreciate you following!

  9. Collette you are correct! HUGE learning curve!