Friday, September 23, 2011

First Day of Fall

As I walked outside my house this morning I felt it.


The air was crisp, everything was bathed in golden hues, and I was one happy girl.

I wanted to pull out a sweater...but then I thought, 'Dina, don't get crazy.'

Instead, I lowered the windows of the car and thoroughly embraced the beginning of this season.

Take time and enjoy what God created just for you.

Happy Fall!


  1. Lovely! I love reading about things that I am clueless on how to do! I would love a follow back on

  2. I'm jealous. I live in Central/South Florida--it's still wicked hot here. Enjoy your nice weather!

  3. Oh trust me that it is still plenty hot....the temp is now 87. It beats our triple digits though..and for that I am happy!

  4. it was a beautiful morning!!! then the heat came.... booo!

  5. Today was truly a beautiful day indeed! Glad to share it with you. Hugs. Tammy

  6. I've read your two posts and find such beauty in your search for truth and honesty. Keep walking with God :) Pam