Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crochet Necklush tutorial. Yarnlush

It was around 2009 when I discovered and fell in love with necklush.

Ahhhh Necklush. Is it a Necklace? Scarf? Cowl?

Yes! It's three in one!

I've always wanted one. So I crocheted one. It was so simple to make! You only need to know one type of crochet stitch. The simplest stitch to learn!

The Chain Stitch! So here we go...my first tutorial!

How to chain stitch!
(and a simple explanation on how to construct a "necklush.")
From this point on I will call this creation Yarnlush.

Lets get started.

You will need: A crochet Hook, yarn, and a yarn needle.

I used 'I LOVE THIS YARN' in Sungold with a size I hook for the tutorial pictures.
(please note that this how *I* know how to make and explain both a slipknot and chain stitch.)

Step 1 Slipknot. Form a circle with yarn. In this picture the "tail" (end of the yarn) is the top layer of the "X" formed by the yarn. I usually have about 4 to 5 inches of tail to work with.

Step 2 Now insert your hook into the circle and bring the tail of the yarn up trough and out of the circle to create a new loop.

Step 3 Grab the tail and working yarn together tightly in your left hand. With your right hand, pull the crochet hook upward. This will cinch the circle into a knot. Continue to hold the crochet hook with your right hand. With your left hand find the tail end of the yarn and pull only that piece downward away from the crochet hook. As you do this, the knot will slide up and cinch the loop onto the hook.

Step 4 Find a comfortable way to hold the working yarn (yarn connected to the skein of yarn) in your left hand.
(excuse the sloppy shot...I realized I had forgotten to take this shot and quickly took one.)

Step 5 From this point on, the tail end of the yarn will stay with the right hand, and the yarn coming from the skein is worked form the left hand.
Now manipulate the hook with the right hand and grab the working yarn from underneath.

Step 6 Pull the yarn through the loop on your hook.

Congratulations! You've just created your first crochet Stitch! :)

Keep repeating steps 5 and 6 to create a long chain!

Now here is the hard part. Chain stitch till you get the length you need.

Decide how long you want to make your yarnlush. Then decide how many times you want it to loop around. I kind of just kept wrapping the yarn around myself till I found a good length, then I kept adding loops until I was satisfied with the thickness.

When you have a long enough chain to make your yarnlush, snip the yarn from the skein. To close the end of the chain, pull up on the loop around the hook until the end of the yarn comes through. This closes off the end.

Form your yarnlush into the length you want and loop it around as many times as you need. Gather the loose yarn ends together and knot them together around all of the loops, to help keep the loop chains together in a large loop.

Chain stitch a second strip, and wrap that around the yarnlush at the point where the ends are tied together to create a more finished look.

Use your yarn needle to weave in and secure the loose yarn pieces into the back of the yarnlush, and that's it! You have finished your handmade Yarnlush!

This is the one I made for me.

I decided to keep my yarnlush fairly thin. I really don't need to add anymore bulk than necessary. ;)

Now GO! Create! Use your imagination! Use strands of different colors mixed together. Use a variegated yarn! Mix thin and chunky yarns together! The options are limitless!

If you enjoyed this tutorial and make your own yarnlush please let me know!! Also, if you make a yarnlush I would love to see a picture!

***************Quick Edit to add information*****************

A friend of mine had a few questions:

How long did you make your strands?  I'm not sure. :/  my Yarnlush (in circle form) measures 44 1/2 inches in length.

How many strands did you use? For mine I made 6 strands.  It felt too bulky *for me* with more than that.

Lastly how much yarn does it take per necklush? 1 ball or 2? It doesn't take too much yarn.  I'm pretty sure you could get 3 or 4 good sized ones completed with a brand new skein.


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