Friday, October 7, 2011

Shine On

I am a lifetime crafter.  From the moment I learned to paste glitter on pine cones, I was hooked.

If I see something I like, you can bet that I am going to try and recreate it myself.

It never fails though, I create something, then I find something wrong with it.  I never feel it's valuable enough for me to share with others.   So, I hide it away to gather dust. It never gets to sparkle and shine like it was intended to.

It's terrible really.  My self doubt.

What is even more terrible is how I allowed self doubt to affect my life.  Never feeling adequate enough.   Always lacking the confidence needed to complete what I know I am more than capable of.  Giving up on who God created me to be, to just "be."

I had learned to live so deep in my own self doubt, that I tucked myself  neatly into a box.  To sit.  To collect dust.

When I  created "These Notions,"  I was looking for a venue to showcase my crafts.  I never imagined that  it would help me to step out of my box.

The Lord always brings me to the same verse.

"...That's why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good."
                   Romans 8:28 The Message

Here I am God.  Help me shine for you.


  1. Shine on sister girl! You've got TALENT. and a gift to SHARE :)

  2. What a touching and inspiring piece you've written.

    I think that all creative people go through phases of self-doubt and even self-sabotage from time to time. It's part of the process. But it can begin to limit one's potential if it happens more often than not.

    Have you ever read the Julia Cameron book titled "The Artists Way"? Its a great read for anyone who strives to live their life more creatively and it offers ideas to help overcome those little demons that fight us in our endeavors to create blissfully. There are even "Artists Way" communities online, groups and such that go through the books activities together. Lots of sharing and support are provided.

    Creativity is a gift. But with that gift comes the need to be disciplined in our thinking and practices.

    Thank you for sharing yourself and your gift.

  3. Thank you Laura. You've inspired me more than you will ever truly know.

    @Miz Creatrix Thanks for the book recommendation :) I will definitely look into it! ty also for taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate your support.

  4. What a personal testimony Dina. I have personally seen many of your creations and love every creation. From your jewelry to your beenies! I pray that through this blog and self-evaluation you will realize, as me and the FurKids have, just how anointed you are in creativity, as well as in patience, in communication, and most of all in faith. I wanna be just like Dina in times of stress - calm, cool, and collected!!!!! Not run to a corner, like i do, crying and sucking my thumb as I try to find my happy place. hahahaha Love you girl!! love you lots!!

  5. Your crafts are always so beautiful Dina just like you.

    Children are honest and give praise where it is truly due and you know how much the children you have care for over the years have loved you as we all do x

  6. Ps. Eagerly awaiting your next crochet lesson x