Monday, October 10, 2011

My Star

This weekend my niece was recognized for her achievement of becoming an "Honor Star" in the San Antonio section Girls Ministries Clubs.

Girls Ministries is the organizational arm in the Assemblies of God geared for boys and girls ages 18 months to 5 yrs and girls ages Kindergarten thru 12th grade.

Girls who are crowned as Honor Stars have completed the requirements for earning  27 unit badges,   9 of which  contain requirements to earn Honor Steps, and have read the entire New Testament.

The final requirement to become an Honor Star is completion of the comprehensive Honor Star Review—a fill-in-the-blank test over the 27 memory verses of the units completed.

It is a memorable event for the girls.  They wear beautiful white dresses and receive a crown, sash, charm bracelet, and a Bible reading pin.  

This is a great achievement for any girl and I am so proud of my niece for accomplishing this. 

Congratulations beautiful girl. 


  1. A big CONGRATS to this precious little STAR!!!!!!!i am sure she will be shining for an eternity!

  2. I just want to know when did she become a Star!?? Was she even in Rainbows!?? haha Time has flown by sooooo fast!!!! She's grown right before our eyes! LOVE YOU SO MUCH HONOR STAR!!