Tuesday, October 25, 2011

::::Power in words::::

It was my turn to serve in children's church this past Sunday.  We have recently begun using a new curriculum based out of Australia.  The curriculum is fun, dynamic, and spot on in its content for our church kids.  I and many of my helpers loved this new curriculum immediately.  The children however, were reluctant.

We have been using this curriculum for 2 months now, and the kids have adjusted to the new curriculum and are enjoying it.

We had a young man, who hadn't been attending regularly, show up.  He is a great kid.  He is kind and very respectful, but since he had been absent for most of the 2 months, he had not embraced this new change.

As I hit the stop button on the DVD player to talk about the memory verse we had just watched, I heard him say "That lady is so annoying!"

For two months these children had learned the new worship songs, the new video dialogs, the new way of learning about the Gospel, and  they were starting to really enjoy it and grasp its message.  Then this one negative comment had  quickly began to foster  negativity within the group.  Murmurings began and I was quick to bring it to a halt.

I went home thinking about it. Thinking of all the times I had spoken negative words to people.  Thinking of all the times I had spoken negative words about people.  Thinking of all the times I had allowed the negative seeds that were dropped by others to develop  in my soul.

I hate to think of the damage that I may have caused to a joyful new Christian with my discouraging words.   Or how I could possibly have knocked someone down who was grasping to find God's grace. 

"Words kill, words give life;
   they're either poison or fruit—you choose."
             Proverbs  18:21 The Message

Lord help me to be mindful of my attitude.  Help me be a positive person who spreads only your joy and love.  Help me to not be affected by the negative attitude that others may try to spread within me.


  1. Thank you for sharing your positive encouragement!
    Love this reminder.


  2. Thank you so much Dina for this reminder to start my day. By the Holy Spirit's help, I hope to be a positive influence today!

  3. wow! how awesome is this testimony! this subject has been floating around in my mind for the past few days. Today I was listening to a devotional by Mark Hull from Casting Crowns today who spoke about all this and now to read your testimony - HOLY KIBBLES!!! Thank you for sharing cause we sin not only in our actions and words but in our thoughts as well!!! Love you girly!!

  4. Amazing how many of had thoughts on this this week. Tonight during devotion with my grandchildren (3 boys) who live with us we then spent some time on this very subject. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I love this post. When I find a negative brewing inside of me, I post, purge and pray. Why pray last? When I write, I write in total honesty and allow my feelings to be displayed in front of me. This way I see where I am weak, strong or indifferent to the lesson of life I'm sure is staring back at me. Then I bow my head, clasp my hands and ask God to show me how to complete my closure, instruct me in my lesson & lead me in a way which pleases him. It may not be the way that works for everyone but for me, I've become a better christian in this method.

    beautiful post.

  6. Ty all! @tammy what a great idea! ty!